Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Space Rec Project

The Spatial Reclamation Project


Space Rec makes participatory art works, situations, and interventions in public spaces. We use art to raise a critical awareness of the global political economic forces that shape our “everyday” environment.

Often times these forces lead to a physical separation of people from different sub-cultures and socio-economic backgrounds and prevents them from interacting. We believe this separation deeply undermines communication, tolerance, and democracy.

The aim of The Space Rec Project is to restore communication, uphold and strengthen the ideals of a free and democratic society, and to raise an awareness of the cultural, political, ideological, economic, and physical development of public spaces through the artistic and symbolic reclamation of place.

Space Rec is an open forum, creation, and question for social alternatives. The realization of this project depends upon community origination, initiation and interaction.

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