Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mobile Free-Store

This invention's salvaged skeleton is a reconditioned, mobile asset satiation economizing machine. Once a captive to the lines and the lanes of the big box pushers, our reclaimed informal sector wagon is an unforgiving, boundary transgressing, free store and tent, community producing contraption.
The free store was pushed around down town Olympia. Members of the Oly community were invited to plunder and provide all the spoils of the free store. We left the free store, with brief instructions for operation, atop a sweet little spot on Capitol Lake.
The instructions read: This is a mobile asset satiation, economizing machine. It does not recognize a lease. It can be pushed and left anywhere and has a detachable rainproof roof/temporary shelter. The metal resevoir is perfect for stockpiling, displaying, and dispensing community donations. Be Advised: This activity is meant to fall outside the purview of government regulation and is considered more illegal than poverty.

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