Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Peoples' Print Project

The Peoples' Print Project is an alternative media, thought box, open-to-the-public-ation. Its a two-tiered mechanism: one part print-stop, containing paper, pen, some mild guidelines and Space Rec leaflet-- equal part drop-stop, thought box, labeled depository; the community dissemination station. We left them in unobtrusive locations to avoid untimely dismantlement. The woodland park Print is in an off-the-beaten-track woody cluster between the roses and the zoo. Most likely, it will find some young explorers.

The other Print was left off to the side of the Shilshole tracks where it'll find a lot of graffiti artists. We didn't want the Print to be secluded to it's built-in audience so we made MAPS! The maps will be continuously dispersed in between stacks of news papers, public library books, and through other random operations.

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